Why Does Honey Crystallise and Can You Still Eat It?

Why Does Honey Crystallise and Can You Still Eat It?

What is Crystallisation?

Manuka Honey is largely composed of natural sugars; principally fructose and glucose.  Crystallisation is the process of the liquid glucose turning solid. The higher the ratio of glucose to fructose the higher the likelihood of crystallisation. 

Crystallisation is a normal and natural process and does not affect the quality of the honey. Crystals can range from very fine to coarse depending on the speed of crystallisation and storage temperatures.

Can Honey Crystallisation Be Prevented?

Honey crystallisation is a natural process determined by the composition of individual honeys. Some companies heat-treat honey at higher temperatures to dissolve crystals.

Gather By does not heat-treat its honey as it reduces the honey’s quality and health benefit to the consumer. Gather By produces Premium Raw Manuka honey.

What is Creamed Honey?

Creamed honey is a process that intentionally causes the formation of fine crystals that give a creamy texture to the honey. This creaming stabilises the honey and slows or prevents further crystallisation or separation.

Which is better Creamed or Natural Honey?

In  terms of consistency, it is simply a matter of personal  preference. Gather By does not cream its honey preferring to provide authentic honey as nature intended.

What to do with Crystallised Honey?

Crystallised honey is as delicious and nutritious as non-crystallised honey.  In the event a runny consistency is required, or a need to decant, the honey can be warmed and held at 40 degrees Celsius.
Buying Honey from Gather By means quality. All Gather By bioactive+ Australian Manuka Honey™ is independently tested by certified  laboratories  to  guarantee  authenticity, potency and quality. 
It is produced  in  the  company’s  certified  HACCP,  BQUAL, and  Halal  facilities with every individual  jar  traceable  to  the  beekeeper  and  apiary.
Gather  By guarantees authentic contents of its natural, pure, raw and potent, with the highest strength MGO Manuka Honey.

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