Grow our Manuka Trees


We are changing the way Australian Manuka Honey is produced and marketed with a regenerative farming model that produces a diversified income stream.

Our Australian Leptospermum plants that produce this special honey have been largely wiped out over decades of land clearing to make way for water intensive agriculture. Gather By, together with community growers, First Nations people and landholders are replanting this native tree along the east coast of Australia.

We are also implementing innovative technology systems that remotely monitor beehives to ensure bee health and quality control as part of this new farming model.

Known as the Medicinal Manuka Honey Forest ™ (MHF), the planting model combines a biodiverse selection of highly-active Australian Leptospermum together with bee fodder plants.This combination nourishes and keeps the bees ‘in situ’ healthy and strong. Our new closed loop model is restoring the land biomass, replanting cleared bushland, creating new biodiverse habitat for all pollinators, flora and fauna while capturing CO2 emissions. It’s also creating careers, regional jobs and projects particularly for young people, First Nations people and farmers.

Australian farmers, growers, beekeepers and people in the honey industry are rolling up their sleeves and working with us to build new agribusiness models producing medicinal honey.