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Gather By is a closed-loop regenerative agribusiness that works with beekeepers, farmers and indigenous landholders along the east coast of Australia to produce and market rare, pure and potent Australian Manuka honey.
The business, with its headquarters adjacent to Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport, is reinvigorating Australia’s honey industry and is exporting 80% of its products to meet strong global demand for medicinal and therapeutic qualities of Manuka used for everything from healing infections, burns and wounds, to soothing sore throats, and boosting gut health and immunity.
Over a 5 year period, Gather By’s team of specialists tested thousands and thousands of plants for their antibacterial and antibiotic strength using pipettes to get into the nectar storage cup of the plant, making detailed notes, geocoding plant locations, and sending cuttings to specialised plant propagation nurseries.
Gather By now works with growers/landholders, to grow these special plants and produce nectar. After a few years, honeybees are brought on by Gather By and local beekeepers to extract the honey. The honey is then stored for up to 18 months at temperatures to mature its strength ready for filling in Ballina in a new, controlled process to preserve all the honey’s beneficial enzymes.
This biodiverse planting model is named the ‘Medicinal Honey Forest™ (MHF)’ which includes multiple varieties of Leptospermum plus bee fodder plants, designed to keep the bees ‘in situ’, healthy and strong, and to bring back our native fauna.
The Manuka honey that Gather By collects is packed into jars containing MGO levels of 100, 250, 500, 800, 1000 and now 2100. The lower MGO’s are consumed for taste, general health and wellness, the higher MGO has stronger medicinal and therapeutic benefits with the 2100 being the most potent currently available.

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