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Australian Manuka Honey vs New Zealand Manuka Honey: What's the Difference


  • Australian Manuka honey has unique antibacterial properties that make it stand out from other types of honey.
  • Australia has 15 varieties of bioactive high strenght MGO Manuka trees, whilst New Zealand has 1 variety.
  • When buying Australian Manuka honey, and wanting a therapeutic effect, look for a MGO Rating of 250+ or UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating of at least 10+ for maximum benefits.
  • Australian Manuka honey can be used as a natural sweetener, in homemade skincare products, and as a natural remedy for sore throat.
  • Australian Manuka honey is the highest potency MGO rating in the world, this is because we have 87 species of leptospermum, and 15 bioactive varieties with extremely high DHA levels.
  • Australian vs New Zealand Manuka honey Information Table

What Is Australian Manuka Honey?

australian manuka honey forests 

Australian Manuka Honey  is a high grade, organically sourced honey renowned for its exceptional antibacterial and healing properties.

Australian Manuka Honey differs from New Zealand Manuka Honey, as Australia has 15 known bioactive varieties of Manuka trees native, where has New Zealand Manuka honey is only sourced from 1 variety of Manuka tree, as this is the only variety native to New Zealand. This is why Australian Manuka honey has the highest strength MGO rating in the world, at Gather By, we produce the ultimate, premium high potency Manuka honey MGO 2000+.

Manuka honey is produced from the bees that gather nectar from the Leptospermum tree, unique to the pristine Australian landscape.

The Manuka Honey is carefully harvested, raw, with minimal processing to retain its natural goodness and purity. It carries a high level of Methylglyoxal (MGO), which gives it powerful antibacterial strength, making it an effective natural remedy for treating wounds, cuts, and infections.

What Makes Australian Manuka Honey Different from Other Types of Honey?

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Australian Manuka Honey is different from other types of honey due to its bioactive compound Methylglyoxal (MGO), which gives unparalleled antibacterial and health benefits.

With its high MGO content, Australian Manuka Honey has exceptional antibacterial properties, making it an effective natural remedy for a variety of symptoms..

Its unique composition allows it to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, promoting wound healing and providing relief for sore throats and coughs. 

The higher MGO levels in Manuka Honey contribute to its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which may aid in boosting the immune system, skin and oral care,  and improving digestive health.

What Is the Unique Factor in Australian Manuka Honey?

The unique factor in Australian Manuka Honey is its high MGO content, which unlike New Zealand Manuka honey is sourced from more than 1 variety of Manuka bush variety. Australia is very lucky to have 15 known native bioactive Manuka trees which contributes to its exceptional antibacterial and health-promoting properties.

Manuka Honey from Australia is renowned for its more potent levels of MGO compared to other types of honey, leading to stronger antibacterial and healing properties.

The higher MGO concentration in Australian Manuka Honey is attributed to the biodiversity of native Manuka plant's abundant growth in the pristine Australian environment, resulting in a superior quality honey prized by health enthusiasts and followers of natural remedies.

Gather By as a leading producer of Australian Manuka Honey, ensures that their honey ranges has the highest potency MGO range, right up to 2000+

How Is Australian Manuka Honey Produced?

Australian Manuka Honey is meticulously crafted by Gather By, utilising the highest MGO-rated Manuka honey, organically grown ensuring the production of the rarest and strongest potency honey in the Australian Raw Manuka Honey range.

The production process at Gather By reflects a commitment to excellence and purity. Each step, from hive to jar, is carefully monitored to maintain the highest standards.

The dedication to using the highest MGO-rated honey, with its superior antibacterial properties, reinforces the premium quality of Australian Manuka Honey

What Is The Difference Between Australian and New Zealand Manuka Honey?

australian vs new zealand manuka honey

What Makes Gather By Manuka Honey Different?

Not only is Australian Manuka Honey different from other honey, Gather By Manuka honey is also different from other Australian Manuka Honey Producers. 

Gather By Manuka, has come up with an innovative way to grow Medicinal Manuka Honey Forests, which support bee health, and are ethical in principle, creating their production around what is the best practices for the bees - rather than what is the best practices for humans, and the bring the highest commodity prices. 

This means that in our Medicinal Manuka honey forests, we do not transport bees around against their natural ways of being, allowing them to live and forage naturally according to their nature.

 This ethical and sustainable way of beekeeping ensures that the bees are more protected from parasites, disease and stresses that come during being moved. In this way we also do not have to supplement the bees with sugar syrups, as there is always a variety of flowering plants to provide for their nutrition.

Creating Medicinal Manuka honey forests regenerates the land, providing more native habitat and ecosystems for the wildlife. Gather By plants Medicinal Manuka honey Forests  in collaboration with local growers and indigenous communities throughout Australia.

The vast majority of commercial Manuka honey production in Australia, comes from:

Transporting bees

Involves trucking bees around to be close to flowering Manuka tree forests (in extreme cases they may be helicoptered in), so that they can gather the nectar from the Manuka Flowers. However, this is an unethical and unsustainable practice for the bees. Bees are territorial, and do not like to be moved around, this causes them stress, and leads to large scale deaths, and declining populations, disease and parasite outbreaks. The beekeepers who use these practices need to feed the bees on sugar syrups when there is no local nectar available. For bees the sugar syrup is not a healthy food source for them, as they are used to foraging wide on a large variety of plants to get all their nutrition and medicine requirements. The transporting of the bees around also as well as stressing the bees, causing declining hive health, which exposes them to the threat of coming into contact with the varroa mite.

Commercial Manuka Tree plantations

This is a limited industry in Australia but growing. These Manuka plantations are large scale mono-culture plantations, similar to what is seen in New Zealand Manuka honey production. They rely more heavily on pesticides, and weedicides, and because of the extremely limited biodiversity of the monoculture plantations, the bees are again more susceptible to disease, stress and varroa mite destruction, and may need to be supplemented with sugar syrups due to a lack of flowering foraging plants.

Medicinal Manuka Honey Forests

    Gather By has come up with an innovative solution that provides biodiversity to bees, whilst regenerating the land and  delivering the highest strength MGO Manuka honey to us.
    Gather By has created the Medicinal Manuka Honey Forest Model which incorporates a variety of bee fodder plants in amongst the Manuka trees to create a biodiverse ecosystem forest farm plantation, which is self-sustaining for the bees providing them with a diverse array of plants required for their health, medicinal, and nutritional needs … and the Manuka trees (once they have become established).

    What Are the Benefits of Australian Manuka Honey?

    beekeeper with bee hives in australian manuka honey forest

    The benefits of Australian Manuka Honey are multifaceted, including its powerful antibacterial properties, exceptional wound healing capabilities, digestive health support, skin nourishment, and immune system boosting potential.

    Australian Manuka Honey's renowned antibacterial properties make it a natural medicinal wonder, renowned for combating various harmful bacteria and infections.

    With its ability to accelerate wound healing, it forms a protective barrier over the affected area, promoting tissue regeneration and reducing the risk of infection, and reducing scarring.

    The honey's capacity to support digestive health is attributed to its prebiotic properties, helping with maintaining a healthy gut flora.

    Its rich nutrient profile nourishes the skin, offering moisturising, soothing, and rejuvenating effects.

    The honey's immune system boosting potential is attributed to its high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, aiding in overall health and well-being.

    Antibacterial Properties

    Australian Manuka Honey is rich in bioactive compounds like Methylglyoxal (MGO) and hydrogen peroxide, giving it powerful antibacterial properties. These compounds have been shown to effectively inhibit the growth of various bacteria, including those that are resistant to antibiotics. Additionally, the honey's acidic pH creates an environment that is unfavorable for bacterial growth. These qualities make it a highly valuable natural remedy for treating wounds, ulcers, and other skin infections.

    The anti-inflammatory properties of Australian Manuka Honey enhance its healing benefits, making it a potent natural antibacterial agent. Its effectiveness in fighting bacteria and promoting wound healing makes it a good choice for treating a wide range of symptoms.

    Wound Healing

    Australian Manuka Honey is great  in wound healing due to its ability to promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection in various types of wounds.

    Its high concentration of methylglyoxal gives it powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties, crucial for preventing infections.

    Its anti-inflammatory qualities reduce swelling, and its enzymatic action stimulates tissue regeneration, accelerating the healing process. It has become a go-to natural remedy in treating cuts, burns, and even ulcerations, even by the conventional medical system.

    Digestive Health

    Australian Manuka Honey offers support for digestive health, possessing digestive health benefits that range from soothing gastrointestinal symproms to promoting beneficial gut flora, contributing to overall digestive wellness.

    Its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it an effective remedy for digestive issues, such as indigestion, bloating, and stomach ulcers. The high levels of Methylglyoxal (MGO) in Manuka Honey can help balance the gut microflora, supporting a healthy digestive system.

    Its abundant antioxidant content aids in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, protecting the gut lining and promoting optimal digestive function.

    Skin Health

    Australian Manuka Honey is highly regarded for its benefits to skin health, demonstrating its efficacy in nourishing and rejuvenating the skin.

    This potent honey is naturally enriched with antioxidants and has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics, making it an ideal ingredient for promoting skin healing and combating imperfections.

    Its ability to hydrate and soothe the skin, while also promoting collagen production, reinforces its reputation as an effective skincare solution.

    Immune System Boost

    Australian Manuka Honey plays a critical role in boosting the immune system, offering health benefits that include immune modulation, microbial defense, and overall immune system support for enhanced well-being.

    The immune-boosting properties of Australian Manuka Honey are due to its high levels of methylglyoxal (MGO) and unique non-peroxide activity (NPA), which work synergistically to support the body's natural defense mechanisms. It not only aids in immune modulation by regulating the immune response, but also exhibits potent antimicrobial properties, protecting against harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

    This natural powerhouse strengthens the immune system, supporting a state of equilibrium and resilience. The rich antioxidant content of Manuka Honey further complements its role in supporting overall immune health.

    The bioactive compounds present in Manuka Honey have been found to promote the production of immune cells, such as T-lymphocytes and macrophages, which play a crucial role in fighting infections and maintaining a robust immune defense. The well-documented immunomodulatory effects of Manuka Honey make it a valuable adjunct to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, fortifying the body's natural ability to defend against illness and maintain optimal health.

    How to Choose and Store Australian Manuka Honey?

    australian manuka honey dripping off honey spoon

    Selecting and storing Australian Manuka Honey requires attention to specific factors such as MGO ratings, laboratory certification, and proper storage conditions to preserve its bioactive strength and medicinal properties.

    With Australian Manuka Honey, MGO ratings are what determines potency. The MGO (Methylglyoxal) rating reflects the honey's unique antibacterial properties, with higher MGO levels indicating increased efficacy.

    Ensuring that the honey has attained laboratory certification reinforces its purity and authenticity, guaranteeing that it is free from pesticides and other contaminants. Proper storage is equally vital, with an ideal environment being a cool, dark location to protect the honey from heat and sunlight, which could compromise its quality over time.

    What to Look for When Buying Australian Manuka Honey?

    When purchasing Australian Manuka Honey, it is essential to consider key attributes such as its origin, beekeeping practices, MGO content.

    Australian Manuka Honey is renowned for its unique flavor and remarkable health benefits. It is sourced from the pristine landscapes of Australia, known for its rich biodiversity and unpolluted environment.

    One crucial factor to consider when choosing Manuka Honey is the MGO concentration. This reflects the potency and purity of the honey, with higher levels indicating superior antibacterial properties and overall quality.

    By choosing Gather By Manuka Honey Collections, consumers can trust that they are getting authentic and premium-grade options, that are sourced using sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices, and organic regenerative agriculture.. T

    How to Properly Store Australian Manuka Honey?

    Properly storing Australian Manuka Honey involves safeguarding its bioactive strength by storing it in a cool, dark place, ensuring that it retains its medicinal properties and high-grade quality, as recommended by Biosota.

    When stored in ideal conditions, the bioactive compounds in the honey remain stable, allowing it to maintain its potent therapeutic benefits. It's best to protect it from exposure to direct sunlight and fluctuating temperatures.

    Gather By Manuka advises against refrigerating Manuka Honey, as it may lead to granulation and crystallisation  Instead, an ambient temperature environment is recommended, along with sealing the container tightly after each use to prevent moisture absorption. . If this does occur - simply put the jar in a container of warm water to make the honey become fluid again. 

    Are There Any Side Effects of Consuming Australian Manuka Honey?

    While Australian Manuka Honey offers numerous health benefits, some individuals may experience, allergic reactions or digestive discomfort, especially in individuals with specific sensitivities.

    Those with a history of pollen or bee-related allergies should exercise caution when consuming honey products.

    Excessive consumption of honey, including Australian Manuka Honey, may lead to digestive discomfort in some individuals. Its high fructose content can cause bloating, gas, or diarrhea, especially if consumed in large quantities.

    Therefore, while enjoying the health benefits of Australian Manuka Honey, it is essential to be aware of these potential side effects and consume it in moderation, espeically if you have known allergies or digestive sensitivities.

    How Can Australian Manuka Honey Be Used in Everyday Life?

    gather by manuka honey mgo 500 plus jar  with teapot and cup

    Australian Manuka Honey can be used in a variety of ways in everyday life, serving as a natural sweetener, a valuable ingredient in homemade skincare products, and a natural remedy for soothing sore throats and respiratory discomfort.

    Incorporating this healthy alternative into your diet not only adds a delicious sweetness to dishes but also provides numerous health benefits.

    When used as a skincare ingredient, its antibacterial and healing properties make it an excellent choice for promoting skin health. Its ability to calm and alleviate throat irritation makes it a effective natural solution to soothe discomfort and promote respiratory wellness.

    As a Natural Sweetener

    In everyday life, Australian Manuka Honey serves as a natural alternative to traditional sweeteners, offering a unique blend of sweetness and health benefits that integrate into various culinary and beverage creations.

    Whether you create smoothies, dressings, drizzle it over Greek yogurt or use it as a glaze for roasted vegetables, this superfood adds depth and richness to a wide array of dishes.

    Plus its culinary uses, Manuka Honey can also be dissolved in warm water (less than 50C) or herbal tea to create a soothing drink known for its immune-boosting properties.

    In Homemade Skincare Products

    Australian Manuka Honey is a prized ingredient in homemade skincare products. Renowned for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, Australian Manuka Honey serves as a natural humectant, drawing moisture into the skin and promoting a supple, glowing complexion. Its rich concentration of antioxidants aids in protecting the skin from environmental toxins, while its enzymes work to gently exfoliate and renew.

    As a Natural Remedy for Sore Throat

    Australian Manuka Honey serves as a natural and soothing remedy for alleviating sore throats and respiratory discomfort in daily life, offering relief and comfort through its natural healing properties and antimicrobial effects.

    Individuals who experience the discomfort of a sore throat often find relief in the soothing properties of Australian Manuka Honey. This unique honey variety is renowned for its ability to coat the throat, providing a comforting barrier that helps ease the pain and irritation.

    Moreover, Australian Manuka Honey is well-regarded for its respiratory relief benefits. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce swelling and promote easier breathing, making it a valuable natural solution for respiratory discomfort.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Australian Manuka Honey?

    Australian Manuka Honey is a type of honey produced by bees that feed on the nectar of native Manuka trees in Australia. It is known for its unique taste and potential health benefits.

    How is Australian Manuka Honey different from other types of honey?

    Australian Manuka Honey contains high levels of Methylglyoxal (MGO), which is a compound found in the nectar of Manuka trees. This gives it a stronger antibacterial and antioxidant properties compared to other types of honey.

    What are the health benefits of consuming Australian Manuka Honey?

    Consuming Australian Manuka Honey is believed to help boost the immune system, aid in digestion, and improve wound healing. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

    How do I know if the Australian Manuka Honey I'm buying is authentic?

    Authentic Australian Manuka Honey is tested and certified by the MGO rating of the honey). 

    Can Australian Manuka Honey be used for skincare?

    Yes, Australian Manuka Honey is often used in skincare products due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can help soothe and heal skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

    Is Australian Manuka Honey safe for everyone to consume?

    While Australian Manuka Honey is generally safe for consumption by most people, it is advised to consult with a doctor before consuming it if you have any allergies or medical conditions. It is not recommended for infants under the age of one.

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